Saturday, February 27, 2010

58. Birthday Girl

Today is my daughter Katherine's birthday. Katherine was my first child and so being the first child she seemed to get away with doing all sorts of naughty things as a youngster. Imagine emptying a carton of milk all over the floor and mum takes a photo. My last child Simon would never have had the same reaction, he would have been taken to his room while being growled at.

I remember when we first moved into our new house and Katherine drew on the wall in the lounge room with red crayon. I thought she was so clever but made sure it was washed off before her father came home. More paper was on the shopping list.

So Happy Birthday Katherine hope your year ahead is terrific. We love you and wish you happiness always.

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  1. Mind you I think this trend is reversed in teenage years, Dale and Simon get away with things that I would have been killed for!!

    Thanks Mum for a nice weekend xx