Tuesday, February 9, 2010

40. Big Trees

I heard today on the radio while I was on my way to school about a person who has set up a website to register large trees in Australia. I was interested to see the size of the trees and found they have a points system involving circumference, height and the crown.

I was thinking of this tree as I think it's our largest tree on our block. The gum tree is near one of our dams and has been there for ever. It was here when we bought the 7 and 3/4 acre block 35 years ago. So now I am going to measure it's circumference and try to work out the height. My son Carey may be able to help with working out the height as he measures rises in land for his engineering work. Perhaps he has some gadget that would do the job. The crown will be measured using a tape measure.

The tree was savaged by a violent almost tornado like wind that came through here a few years ago but has regrown quite well. I imagine it has it's roots into the dam. Many creatures live in the tree, galahs, cockatoos, possums, spiders and millions of ants and insects. Katherine and Carey used to climb the tree when they were younger. I really need to go back further to allow the whole crown to be in the photo.
Here is the link for the tree registering site.

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