Sunday, February 7, 2010

37. Carbs

They say it's good to have lots of carbohydrates before a race. So I ordered a lovely pasta dish at M Restaurant. Prawn linguini with garlic and sweet chili sauce. Yum! The prawns were delicious but I couldn't eat all the pasta as I wanted to fit in dessert. M has so many nice desserts and they make individual serves rather than getting a huge slice from a big cake. I had a scrumptious orange cake with vanilla bean icecream.
So will this meal give me some edge for tomorrow's Queen of the Lake run at Albert Park Lake in St Kilda?

I'm looking forward to run around the lake. It's 5.2 kms but flat all the way. Imagine it being flat.
Katherine is running also and we have entered inthe mother daughter team event. After the race there's champagne and salmon for breakast. I wonder if we'll feel like it after the race?

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