Thursday, February 11, 2010

42. Hobbies

My hobby is running and walking. I try to run at least every second day and walk some other days. I have 2 pairs of runners that work with my Nike sensor and iPod. White for city walks and the grey for the bush runs and walks.

It seems that when women become a certain age some frantically try to turn back the clock. I wonder if that's me? I first began swimming when Dale and Simon were having weekly lessons. I couldn't swim a lap and so had some of my own lessons. I ended up swimming 20 laps at a time of the Olympic sized pool. I swam for three years.

After that I joined the gym and went along 3 nights a week and had regular fitness checks. I enjoyed the gym but time became an issue and I began missing sessions. Next I began running and found that I could do a 30 minute run and use as many calories as at the gym in 1 hr. Plus there was no travel time. So I have been running for three years, in fact ever since I got my Nike sensor. The sensor sends all my stats to the website and has a record of the last 3 years walks and runs.

Last year and this year I have entered fun runs. They are great as they give you something to focus your training onto. On the day it's great fun and I really enjoy it when Katherine and Luke and Carey and Nicole all come on the fun run.

The next run is the Run4kids on March 14th in Melbourne. The money raised goes to the children's hospital.

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  1. We like it too, as much as we complain! You are a good inspiration for us :) xx

  2. Hope you can run more when the exams are over. A run is good to clear your head.

  3. We're all signed up got the fun run too Jen! :) 14.62 km's!!! In training at the moment....lets see if we can make it! Love Nic xoxo