Monday, September 27, 2010

269:365 Tall Pines

The tall pines line the front street in Coolum. I wonder how old they are? It must have been a tradition of early settlers along the coast to plant pines as they seem to be at a lot of coastal places around Australia.

268:365 The most hated building

The Coolum Caprice is the most hated building in Coolum. How it ever got passed to be built we will never know. It is a monstrosity in the middle of Coolum that blocks everyone's views. Luckily for us there is ocean either side for us to view. Below the picture shows how the building fits into the view.

267:365 Gelati

Gelati is so delicious when its a nice warm day. Today I had a cone with passionfruit and lemon gelati and it was yummy. I should have taken a photo when I first got it as it was double as high as in the picture.

266:365 Survior style

This creation was on the beach today. I'm not sure what it is meant to be. It seemed a bit small for a hut but perhaps it could shelter a dog. Looks like its straight from Survivor.

265:365 Coffee in Coolum

There are many place to have coffee in Coolum. C@f Coolum in Birtwill St is great because they have free internet access. This was a great bonus for a tweetup that was held here last week. The orange cake was also very tasty.Another great place to have coffee is at Cool Art an art gallery shop in Coolum just up the hill a little from the lights. Every day when I walk down to the beach to run I see people having coffee and chatting happily. You can also see the ocean across the road. As well as the coffee they have an interesting range of art works including paintings, framed photos and sculptures.

264:365 View with a blue sky

I couldn't resist taking another shot with a blue sky from the new seats at Coolum. Today was picture postcard views all around with the bluest sky.

263:365 Stumers creek

I couldn't believe my eyes when I got to Stumers Creek today. It was totally different to yesterday with a river running from it out to the ocean. The water had goudged a deep gutter and drop of about 40cms. No I wasn't crossing the creek today. Note the blue sky, yes it was finally a sunny day.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

262:365 View from The Coolum Surf Life Saving Club

This afternoon we visited the Coolum Surf Life Saving Club. The view along the coast is magic!
You can enjoy the view from inside or from the large balcony that runs along the beach side of the club.

261:365 Beach Action

Yes today was an action day at the beach. No resting on the sand. After my run I had to weave in and out of the people who were involved with the Nippers training. The lifeguards do a great job and keep a look out for everyone. They were out in force today with look outs, trailers, boats and boards. Ever ready to help. Where would we be without our lifesavers?

260:365 Life Savers of Tomorrow

Today the beach was quite crowded compared to the other days we have been here. This is because today it was Nipper's day. The Nippers are the youngsters training to be life savers. They have various activities at the beach for a few hours each Sunday morning. The Nippers are keen and love joining in for all the activities and competitions.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

259:365 Sunlight on the ocean

Today for a brief time there was sunshine on the sunshine coast. It lasted about and hour or so and then it became clouded over again. This picture almost looks like moonlight in the evening but it was taken today at about 8:20 am at Coolum Beach.

Friday, September 24, 2010

258:365 Magpies

You can't go far in Australia without magpies being a nuisance. This sign has been altered though as it seems there are more mudlarks than magpies to swoop people. Being swooped by a magpie feels like a jumbo flying close and then missing. It can be quite scary especially if they return for a second swoop. Some people have painted eyes onto their helmets to scare the magpies away.

257:365 Jeanie Baker

Ever time I see these trees I think of Jeanie Baker and that lovely book called "Where the forest Meets the Sea". Jeanie Baker uses collage to create her illustrations and her original works can be found on exhibition at various places around Australia.

256:365 The Corner Store 2010

Last year when we came to Coolum the corner store was covered in scaffolding. This year it is finished and boasts a surf shop of course. There have been other corner stores in between this one and the last pic taken in 1980.

255:365 The corner store

One of the pictures on the new seats in Coolum is of the old corner store. I remember when I first came to Coolum it was like this. Look at the next pic 256 to see how it has changed.

254:365 Surfer's Code

Yes even the surfers have generally known rules. As it says you have to give respect to get respect and this is true in many places even the classroom.

253:365 Rules at the Beach

There are plenty of rules at the beach and this board tells you just what the rules are so you can keep safe.

253:365 Footprints

You have to get up early in Coolum to have the first footprint on the beach. The sand has been soft each day and it has made running more difficult. This is my footprint.

252:365 Beach report

Here is the beach report from the other day. The board doesn't tend to change much apart from the date and who is on watch. The water is meant to be 21 deg celsius. I wonder is it really 21 I'd like to measure it cos it feels colder to me. I wonder if they'll ever invest in a digital beach report? Could be tricky with the light.

251:365 Stumers Creek day 5

I've made it to Stumers Creek every day so far. The creek had a very wide mouth today very differnet to the first day when I could easily cross the creek. Today it really shows the clouds we have been having here in Coolum. They look ready to rain but amazingly it hasn't rained all day. There were even plenty of Victorians sitting on the beach trying to ignore the clouds.

250:365 A Rugged Coast

I love pictures of rugged coast line where rocks and ocean meet. On a sunny day the water is turquoise and provides a lovely contrast to the rocks. There was lots of white water here with the tide out.

249:365 The coastal view

The view along the coast continues to mesmerize me. I can't seem to take enough photos of it. This photo was taken further around the boardwalk towards Point Arkwright. I hope to get a blue sky version in the coming week.

248:365 Still hanging in there

Development is big in Coolum but every now and then there is still standing an old original beach house. This one is sitting on some prime real estate along the Esplanade. The house is worthless but the block which is quite a substantial size would be worth millions. On either side are multi-story buildings.

247:365 The moon's reflection

A night picture with the moon and its reflections on the ocean. Such beauty is hard to catch on an iPhone but I've had a go. This was the first time the sky had cleared and as we sat and ate our dinner on the balcony it was indeed a picture to view. I hope you can see something in this dark picture.

246:365 Turtles

Along with the seats I previously pictured in Coolum they have done some landscaping near the shower. They have added loggerhead turtles and a rock wall with jelly fish. These are the turtles on the rocks. The loggerhead turtles are endangered and so its meant to remind people of the preciousness of water and how fragile these loggerheads are and the importance of conservation. The artist's name is Lucas Salton who also has work on display in Germany, Dubai, Japan, Canada. America and Sydney's Martin Place.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

245:365 View from the balcony

This is the view looking Northerly along the coast. I wish there was blue sky bt we have had very little blue sky this year and don't look like getting much over the next week.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

245:365 View from the boardwalk

This is the part of the boardwalk where I do my stretching after running. Today I spotted whales while stretching. With my slow down music and whales to see it was very relaxing. There is also a great view right along the beach up to Perigian Beach.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

243:365 New seats in Coolum

The council has made these beautiful seats near the Coolum Surf Life Saving club. They have photos of old Coolum and families.
Tomorrow I'll post what you see when you sit on the seats. The view is wonderful and I always looked back across from the traffic lights and thought what great view. I've even seen whales from there before. I like the history on show and as we have been coming to Coolum we've seen the changes. I wished we took as many pics as we do now those many years ago. I first came to Coolum in 1975. I'll be adding Coolum pics over the next 2 weeks as I'm here again.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

242:365 Stumers Creek

I aim to run/walk to Stumers creek every day. Today it was raining and I was drenched. I took these pics with my iPhone and stitched them together with
panMaker an app for the iPhone.
I hope to take the same pics on a sunny day if we get one.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

239:365 Melbourne nightscape

The city lights are so nice in Melbourne.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

238:365 Another golden colored sunset

The last of the sun bursting through the clouds while dark clouds linger in the background.

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236:365 Winter trees in Bendigo

The trees are very wintery in Bendigo now. Next week is spring and some blossoms are out.

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235:365 Tim Tams

Will this be enough Tim Tams for Simon's German family? Ten packets. How many will Simon eat?

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