Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A mushroom I found while mowing out the back. Yes it was bigger than a tennis ball. No I didn't eat it, thought it may be poisonous.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

207:365 Beetle towers

How many beetles could Charles balance?

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206:365 How to cut the cake

Hmm it was a problem but it was cut and the toffee smashed. We all ate the cake and trimmings for dessert. It was delicious. Happy 21st Alice.

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205:365 Tables and roses in rows

Everything has it's place. The tables were set beautifully with the roses and menus.

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204:365 Birthday cake

Alice's birthday cake was full of yummy things like chocolate and large toffee sheets. it certainly was a wonderland.

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203:365 Red Roses

The red roses in vases with peppermint. Drive slowly Bill we don't want them spoilt.

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203:365 Axedale

In the middle of nowhere this church stands with palm trees surrounding. it could be on a mission on an island somewhere. I wonder why they liked to plant palm trees everywhere in and around Bendigio.

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202:365 Haybales

No traffic for my corner store shot until I went to take the shot then this truck came my way. Too big to stay on the road so I moved off.

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201:365 Vanilla slice

Oh yeah! I had to try one of these. It looked nice and tasted delicious but was difficult to eat. The Stanhope bakery was a great stop on my way back from Shepparton. Pity someone had just bought all the pies. Oh well the vanilla slice was yum!

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200:365 Country corner

A lovely old corner store in Stanhope but no longer trading as a corner store. the large veranda. Would be very useful in summer.

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199:365 Tomatoes

What an enormous glass house! This was full of tomato plants .

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198:365 Completed.

Here are the fruit trees in the frames with the shade cloth on top of them.

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197:365 Framed

These are frames waiting to have fruit trees planted and then huge shade cloths put over them to stop birds eating the fruit.

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196:365 Bulldozed

So when they don't need the trees they are bulldozed into piles and then set alight in bonfire style fires.

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195:365 Cherries?

I love cherries but it was out of season for the cherries. Need to visit in December. Cherries are my healthy chocolate. I could eat bowl fulls.

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194:365 Row upon row

Looking down the rows that seem to go on forever.

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193:365 Twisted Orchards

These were the spooky looking orchards.They reminded me of those trees that used to grab people on TV.

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191:365 A rocket?

No this was on a building.

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190:365 Silos

The silos a real reminder that were on the country.

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189:365 New York in Shepparton

This corner has an electronic advertising space and remind me of New York where the advertising on the outside earns more that the retail space.

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188:365 Birds of a feather

Water birds also feature in these street posts. They looked very nice against the blue skies. Only problem was the power lines. They need to get rid of the power lines.

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189:365 RU Connected

We all wish we were always connected but unfortunately on Optus you are offline more than online.

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187:365 Towers close at hand

This tower was right in the centre of town. Good bandwidth?

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186:365 Cows might fly

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In the middle of town I saw these cows flying. I though pigs might fly but didn't know about cows.

185:365 Problem Free IT

Really, problem free IT? The funny thing was that a group of IT geeks had dinner opposite this place.

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184:365 Will it fit?

My shopping was just meant to be baked beans and next thing one and a half hours later I come out with a trolley full.

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183:365 Peaches

What else would you call a restaurant at SPC Peaches.

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182:365 SPC for everything

I visited SPC and found myself buying more than I planned to get. It was very cheap so I bought quite a few cans of various foods we eat. Tomatoes in many varieties were very popular.

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181:365 The lake

The lake has been emptied and it's going to be developed into a wetlands area. The water birds will like it.
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180:365 The timeline

Looks like they are on schedule with the redevelopment.

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179:365 The redevelopment of the lake.

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Victoria Park has been redeveloped and when it's finished it will be a highlight for Shepparton. Lots of visitors will stop here. It looked like a great place to have a fun run.

178:365 Cafe on the Lake

This is where I had my lemon tart and a cuppacino. Yumm!

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177:365 Couldn't resist

Yes another lemon tart to try, just couldn't resist at Shep.

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176:365 Colored Cows

Shepparton is well known for it's dairy industry that surrounds Shep. The colorful cows used to be on most round abouts. This one was at the information centre.

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175:365 Fast flowing

-This year we've had more rain than other years. this is the Bendigo creek and usually you can see cumbungi weed.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

174:365 Glass subject

The glass dome is empty. Time to do some more baking. Muffins? - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Sunday, July 4, 2010

173:365 The Geek Party

After the conference what else do geeks do but sit around and play iPad games like sheep, marbles and scrabble. The iPad is a very nice gadget that any geek would love to have. Oh and some non geeks also like them.

172:365 The Slide2Learn team 2010

The Slide2Learn team after the 2 day conference. Kate with her head on Megan's shoulder had just finished all the certificates for the participants. A huge job. The teams members are from left to right myself (Bendigo VIC), Deon Scanlon, (Tasmania) Louise Duncan, (Shepparton, VIC) Stacey Kelly, (NSW) Jonathan Nalder ,(QLD) Megan Iemma, (VIC) and Kate Maccoll. (QLD)

We organised the whole event using skype and elluminate across four states in Australia. Some of us met for the first time at Slide2Learn. Everyone in the team helped and made the conference a huge success. Thanks team!

171:365 Where was Slide2Learn?

I used screenshots to create maps I could look at in my photo gallery on my iPhone because I usually lose connection with my Optus iPhone. Connection in Shepparton was much better than Bendigo.

170:365 Ustream to bring international presenters to Slide2learn

Tony Vincent kindly agreed to attend our conference and present via ustream and skype. After some grappling with feedback we decided to use the sound and chat from skype and the video from ustream. It worked very well and Tony was full of his usual great ideas on using the iPods. Many participants said that Tony was their favorite part of the conference. We had three whiteboards all showing Tony and his wonderful smile. As Tony says, "Keep on smiling" Thanks Tony for your time, we appreciated it and really enjoyed your session, Creating Podcasts and narrated sideshows in your hands.

169:365 Our Slide2Learn leader

This is Louise Duncan a teacher from Shepparton High who last year won the Lindsey Thompson fellowship for her innovative work with a 1:1 iPod program at her school. This has meant Louise could travel the world looking at iPod implementation in schools. Louise dreamed of this conference and invited the rest of the team from around Australia to join her in organising the Slide2Learn conference. Well you made a great team Louise. Have to get you on supercoach to help with my team. Slide2Learn was a great success with over 100 teachers learning and sharing uses of the iPod touch in education.

168:365 So many iPods to sync

Deon has great experience at syncing iPods as he has an iPod 1:1 program going at his school in Tasmania. Still he looks pretty happy working with the pods wall to wall. The techs synced apps and wireless confgurations to 120 iPods. A great job with little time as the iPods only came 2 days before the conference.

167:365 Slide2Learn begins

Slide2Learn was a 2 day conference sharing the uses of the iPod Touch and the iPad in the classroom with enthusiastic teachers on July 1st and 2nd in Shepparton, Victoria. The conference attracted over 100 people which was a great number as we had originally thought 50-60 people would be good. We all learned and shared our uses of the iPod Touch. Since the conference I have already seen action from a teacher in Maths and Science at a secondary school.

166:365 Conference registration

The plastic pockets were put out ready for the conference to begin in two places to give room for the people to collect and sign in each day. Note the poster on the windows. I also created the poster and had it printed at Office Works.

165:365 Lanyards for Slide2Learn

I had the job to make the lanyards for the slide2learn conference. I merged a numbers file into a pages document from the participants list. This worked well and only late registration changes made some incorrect. It worked out well printing some blanks. I had the sessions on the back for each person if they had selected their sessions. La Trobe uni in Bendigo kindly organised some lanyards and plastic pockets. You dont realise how much money they are when you need over 100. So thanks La Trobe.

164:365 Voice recording

I now have a mity mic for the iPod so recording is clearer and doesnt pick up all the background noises. It clips into the bottom where the headphones go in to the iPod

163:365 White paddocks

The paddocks behind Elmo's kennel were also very white on the -3 deg C morning.

162:365 Frozen Birdbath

You know it's cold when the bird bath freezes over. On this morning when I took this pic is was -3 deg C. This is almost the coldest temp we get in Bendigo.

161:365 The beginning of a big catch up.

Well I have got very behind due first to an illness, reporting time and now holidays and conferences. So I have a nice selection of pics to put in today that will get me back up to about 180.
The last day of term it poured rain and the Bendigo creek quickly filled. Usually you can see cumbungi weed (not sure on the spelling of that) The weed is a good filter for the creek and is very tall. The water goes out to Cow Swamp. years ago i went out to cow swamp with a group of students.