Saturday, October 30, 2010

303:365 Rain and Spiders

With the rain and warmer temps 2 spiders decided to come out of hiding. One in the bedroom and this one in the kitchen. I don't mind when they stay on the ceiling but if they come down closer they have to go. The one in the bedroom decided it liked the bedside lamp and was walking around and around it looking for the end. Bill came and picked him up and let him go outside.
When I was a teenager and prob until my mid twenties ( could be until I had children) I was petrified of spiders and couldn't stay in the same room. I seemed to have the uncanny knack to discover spiders in all sorts of places. Bedlamps and behind the sun visor in the car were popular places for spiders to be found.
I remember as a grad teacher having a male teacher on staff coming in to take the spider out after I had evacuated the class. Now a lesson on ecosystems would be given and it would be left alone. Then there was another occasion when the school secretary found a spider in her typewriter.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

302:365 Elmo's bath day

Today Dale gave Elmo a bath in the backyard. Elmo doesn't like being given a bath but he put up with it and is now lovely and clean and so soft to pat. He did however like the drying cycle as that was like getting lots of pats.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

301:365 Profiteroles

My friend Yvonne dropped in today and made me these lovely profiteroles. Naughty Yvonne they are full of cream. We usually walk and talk each week and hope to get back into the walking shortly.

They were very yummy though, thanks Yvonne. We' ll eat the fruit cake next then Ill have to double my walking. Hoping to get back to running soon.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

300:365 Dead snake

A dead snake! Glad it's not alive and a long guy also.
Longer than a golf stick. Someone killed it and put it in the bin so when Kelly my niece brought the bin in she wondered why there were so many flies. Then she saw the snake. A nice deadly brown snake. Summer is almost here and it's going to be a bumper year for snakes.


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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

299:365 Blue skies

Each day there was a lovely blue sky to see out my window. I think I missed some perfect weather that we haven't had very much of this spring at all. Hopefully it will return while I'm at home.

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298:365 Air conditioning vents

I couldn't see these from my bed luckily and the double glazed windows must have worked a treat because I didn't hear them either.

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297:365 Galactic roof

The roof of the chapel at the hospital reminded me of a galactic space craft.

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296:365 The owls tree

This is the large tree that the owls were in outside my hospital window. it looked much closer but the iPhone tends to show things further away than they are. I took a photo a day while I was in there but the signal on my 3G was non existent so I had to post them all now I'm home.

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295:365 The Tawny FrogMouthed Owls

Each day in hospital I lay looking out at a lovely big gum tree and spied two Tawny frogmouthed owls sitting in the branches. They were very camouflaged so it became a challenge to see them each day as they moved to a different perch. In this picture they are the lump on the branch. My iPhone didn't really capture the best picture as it was far away.

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295:365 Plastics in my day

This was taken on Saturday and the daily pic idea was plastics in your life. So the hospital has gone plastic but somehow we still had plates, cups and saucers made from china and steel cutlery. Serviettes were replaced with small paper ones rather than the once big material napkins they used to have which were handy for bed bound people who can tend to be sloppy when eating in semi lying down positions. The teapot was plastic like a small thermos.

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294:365 The Spelling Mistake

Can you see the spelling mistake? Took me two days of looking at it to spot the mistake but then I was on some pain killers of some sort that came in with witnesses like armoured guards.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

293:365 Power

What a great power board and it's right behind my bed.

head. When Lois and I travel we have to take power boards so all our gadgets can charge up. This would be great in our hotel room.

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Location:Coolum Terrace,Coolum Beach,Australia

292:365 Freesias

Flowers brighten up your day and especially nice smelling ones like Freesias. Katherine and Luke kindly sent me these and today I could get up and have a closer look and smell. Nice to have time to smell the flowers.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

291:365 Thirsty

They are giving me water but I'm so thirsty. What the.....No drink or food for 20hrs. My tongue feels like rough sandpaper.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

290.:365 Maternal Instinct

This native pigeon sat in the tree very close and didn't move all day while we mowed, Weeded and whipper snippered. It must be sitting on eggs.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

289:365 Reptile encounter no.2

Another day of mowing, weeding and wheelbarrowing and who should come along but the shingleback lizard I met yesterday. I was mowing and luckily stopped just in time before Mr Shingleback was sliced and diced. I put him back in the garden where I met him yesterday.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

288:365 A reptile encounter

Today I came across a shingle back lizard. At first I thought it was a snake so I was very relieved to find it was a lizard. It stayed for the photo shoot and then shot through. The left hand side is the head and on the right is the stumpy tail.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

287:365 Bee boxes

The bee boxes are back in the forest where I walk and run. The wild flowers are out so there are flowers for the bees.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

286:365 Giant thistles

This thistle is one on the many that has grown in our garden that is now a jungle. The trunk was a thick as a cricket bat handle.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

285:365 Trams!

I didn't know they had trams in Christchurch. I wonder why we think they are so special?

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284:365 Earthquake Notice

This was placed just outside the lift on the 11th floor. How did we feel when we read the sign, well not really confident. Aftershocks ye we felt some and they are still having them. It's nice to be home on solid ground.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

283:365 Peppermint tea and memories

When I go overseas I like to get a mug so I can have a cuppa and remember my travels. Lois thought this mug would be good for peppermint tea and so did I so it came home in my suitcase.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

282:365 Timmy

We found Timmy in the shed, very dead. We assume he was bitten by a snake. Timmy was my computer cat as he always came and said hello while I was tweeting or blogging. He had lovely colors on his fur, stripes, dots and spots. Tabbies are my favorite cat and after having long haired cats for many years I now love the slinky feel of the short hair cat. Timmy's fur was so soft and pattable, he was almost 11 years old. I'll miss Timmy.

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281:365 The corridor

This reminded me of a game at school where you have to choose left or right turn and get through the corridor.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

280:365 Wall Carving

This is on a wall in the town hall. I liked the red wall behind it.

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279:365 Town Hall Christchurch

The Town Hall is across the road from the convention centre and is also linked by corridors to the Crown Plaza.

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278:365 The view from 11th Floor

As we got out of the lift we looked out and this is what we saw from the 11 th floor at the Crown Plaza Hotel. The mountains in the background are much larger than shown is this photo.

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277:365 Earthquake Damage

We have seen some earthquake damage here in Christchurch. In some streets the buildings have scaffolding and fencing around them.

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276:365 Ulearn Town Hall Inside

The Town Hall has a very nice circular theatre. I have been to many session in this theatre.

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275:365 Snow covered Mountains

As we flew into Christchurch the snow covered mountains were lovely.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

274:365 Blue Bottles

With the off shore wind today many blue bottles have been swept into the beach. Glad I'm not swimming today.

273:365 Crabs

I finally went down to the beach on Wed morning and even had a swim. While sitting on the beach I found I was surrounded by crabs digging to China. They scurry into their holes and then would shoot out sand.

272:365 XO Laptops

I met with my friend @LindaPilko and she showed me the XO laptops she is having a look at. They are being implemented into indigenous schools in Queensland. It runs on different open source software and is quite interesting. You can view the apps in a circle or by a list. They can network and use the internet as well. All apps are open source software. The XO Laptops are cheaper than netbooks and laptops.

You can support the XO laptop program by txting 0447877678 in 21 days telstra are donating up to 500 XO's to remote children. Text the word LAPTOP.

271:365 Rainbows

With a storm there is sometimes a rainbow. This rainbow stayed for ages and was so close.

270:365 Rain in Coolum

On Wednesday evening a great storm came. Rain thunder and lightening. The view from our balcony changed quickly and we could no longer see Perigian Beach that's north along the coast.