Saturday, October 30, 2010

303:365 Rain and Spiders

With the rain and warmer temps 2 spiders decided to come out of hiding. One in the bedroom and this one in the kitchen. I don't mind when they stay on the ceiling but if they come down closer they have to go. The one in the bedroom decided it liked the bedside lamp and was walking around and around it looking for the end. Bill came and picked him up and let him go outside.
When I was a teenager and prob until my mid twenties ( could be until I had children) I was petrified of spiders and couldn't stay in the same room. I seemed to have the uncanny knack to discover spiders in all sorts of places. Bedlamps and behind the sun visor in the car were popular places for spiders to be found.
I remember as a grad teacher having a male teacher on staff coming in to take the spider out after I had evacuated the class. Now a lesson on ecosystems would be given and it would be left alone. Then there was another occasion when the school secretary found a spider in her typewriter.

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