Saturday, May 29, 2010

146:365 Rice the saviour.

This is where my iPod nano sat immersed in rice for a week. I got it out and plugged it in and it began to charge. The apple of hope came on and then it was charging. I thought all was well except it wouldn't sync even though I could see it list in iTunes. So I moved all the 155 movie clips off and then restored to factory settings. Now it syncs and works like clockwork again. My personal coach is back so I'd better run today at some time in between the rain if possible. Thinking of making a movie for the Youtube problem solvers. I did hit youtube to see how to rescue my ipod.

145:365 iPod Nano disaster

My nano went through a whole cycle in the washing machine and sat there waiting for me to get home from school to be rescued. I got it out and it would not turn on. I plugged it in to charge the battery and it would not charge. The worst thing I could have done is to turn on and power up. Zap! So my next 3365 pic shows my solution and as you can see from this pic the iPod is back to full use again and survived the ordeal.

144:365 Last Autumn beauty

The last Autumn Beauty before the rain washes all the leaves down. They have held on well to their leaves but the rain has just knocked them off in days.

143:365 Walkways

We need some walkways like this at school now that it's raining. Dodging the rain and running between buiding has become a daily activity. Guess I'll have to find my umbrella.

142:365 Three

Three pipes sit in our play ground over to one side and are out of bounds to children. Years ago they were a part of the playground and buried in a hill. There was danger with kids banging their heads when they went in so rubbber was installed around the pipe entrance. Then vandals at the weekend would come and leave all sorts of terrible litter in them. So they were removed from the play area. Now as they are so heavy and we cant easily move them it is too expensive to move them off the site.

141:365 Storage

This is the storage we have been using all this year for our library and furniture not in use while the new buildings were being built. The library is now back in a lovely room in the middle of the school. I'll post a pic. The white container had just been taken away. We do have an empty building waiting demolition though and it seems such a waste of resources.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

140:365 Rooftops

The silhouette of the church next to Katherine and Luke's place looking back towards the north in the early morning. What do you call these parts of the church? I don't think they are turrets.

139:365 Cool School

Can you imagine the cool school Coburg Senior High School's principal rides a Harley to school each day. At the school there are year 10-12 students. They are a self motivated group of students who are in control of their learning. They are treated as adults and trusted more than they would be in other secondary schools. It's my favorite school in Victoria. This weekend I spent 2 days there at ITSC. The Harley was as shiny as a new iPod.

138:365 Toorak in Autumn

The leafy streets of Toorak are ablaze with colour this Autumn. It's lovely to walk along or drive along as I did this morning on my way to ITSC in Melbourne.

137:365 Balloons in The City

Hot Air Balloons in the city! I only thought they went in the country. But here they are flying over Melbourne. The chimney tops provide for a roof with many shapes. When I look around at the rooftops I am reminded of Mary Poppins.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

136:365 Peace Roses

Just when everything is almost ready to go into dormancy the peace rose has spouted two lovely roses. I found them hiding behind the birdbath in my garden. Should I pick them? They have a beautiful smell. This was taking in the early morning with the sun just beginning to shine on them. The iPhone can take close up photos very nicely especially if there is good light.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

135:365 Dew drops

An early morning shot shows the dew on this grass that sends up helicopter like heads to dispense the seeds. Is was hard to get the photo to capture the beauty of the dew drops. Nothing looks as good as the eye beholds.

The spiders aren't yet throwing across their webs to release their young as they do around this time of year. I'll keep looking as they look very nice with the early morning dew on them also.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

134:365 Bar Stools

The bar stools are beginning to give way. Who is getting heavier? I think its Simon and as he is now 185 cms tall but has a BMI of 17.5 perhaps its his bones that are breaking the rattan cane. Or it is Dale? Couldn't be me. :) Hmm $85 dollars for each stool to be fixed plus GST. I suppose it's labor intensive. Found a place that sells the rattan cane at $45 a metre. Wonder how hard it is to replace?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

133:365 Contrast

This is the view you get when you look up from below the ash tree at school. A beautiful contrast of reds against the bluest skies on a cold almost frosty (well was at 7:00am gone by 9:00 am) morning. The temp was 1 deg C, while in Melbourne it was a hot 10 deg C and in Canberra it was -2 deg C.

132:365 Catomometre

Our catomometre has told us the nights are getting cooler and with now almost zero temps at night we believe him. Cats just love warmth and are a good tester of heating devices. Timmy has approved all my new blankets this year and happily slept on them.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

131:365 Colours abound

I just can't stop noticing the beautiful autumn colours this year. I think they are the best they have been in years. The last few nights have been very chilly and today we saw an early frost. The colder nights really start the trees to turn into their full colours. These ash tress are in our yard at school. They provide much needed shade in the summer, colour in the autumn and let the sun through in the winter.

Monday, May 10, 2010

130:365 Bats!

The bats are in Rosiland park. Hundreds of them in the tops of all the trees. They are large bats or flying foxes. You can smell them in the park and everyone wants them to go away. I can't remember bats being in the park before and certainly not in these numbers. If it gets cold they might move on but our weather has been quite mild.

129:365 Nothing but blue skies

Nothing but blue skies on another great Autumn day. This is a view down in our back paddock. It's amazing that in summer the paddock is all brown and now it's green. Blue and green should never be seen........... yet in nature it always looks so nice.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

128:365 Early flowers for Mother's Day

It's lovely receiving early flowers for mother's day. These proteas will last for many weeks in the vase. I might try growing some as they come from Sth Africa and grow quite well in Austalia.

Friday, May 7, 2010

127:365 Autumn driveway

Another lovely autumn scene that I drive past most days. Trying to get the best autumn picture can be tricky as you want to catch the trees while they still have leaves but are in their best colors.
I like the autumn entrance into the driveway. It's not our driveway but a driveway in at Strathfieldsaye and its probably the only time of the year that I notice the driveway.

126:365 View from the window

The old windows at school in the red Brick building are made from small panes of glass. There are only two of these windows and yet they let in an enormous amount of light as they face in a westerly direction. You can just see the oval outside which has greened up micely witht he rain we have had this year. Gum trees line the perimeter of the oval.

125:365 Daffodils

These are the miniature daffodils I bought the other day on my way back from Ballarat. Apparently florists can grow any flower at any time of the year.
They bring a Spring feel to the kitchen.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

124:365 More autumn scenes

On my way home from Ballarat I went through Glenyon. The street has an autumn ceiling that looked so beautiful but I had trouble trying to catch the beauty on my iPhone. Looking through the windscreen didn't help either.

Monday, May 3, 2010

123:365 Ashby's Larder

Today I drove to Ballarat the google maps way down through Kyneton and across to Daylesford. It was a beautiful drive with lovely autumn colors, lush forests and green rolling hills. So much to photo but stopping was a problem.
On the way back I stopped to get coffee at Kyneton and found Ashby's Larder a coffee shop with all sorts of yummy foods. I bought a huge capucino and a yummy passionfruit yo-yo type biscuit. It was light and the shortbread was delicious with the passionfruit creme filling.

There was a beautiful florist next door where I bought a pot of living minature daffodils. Will post a pic in the coming days.

I was presenting to a group of ICT leaders on using the ipods for learning.

So it was one of those perfect days.
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

122:365 Recycling

What a great recycling station I found at Office Works. I think it's a great idea just have to gather up things to take in there.

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121:365 Ants building again

I noticed yesterday that the ants were building mounds and they were still there today. Rain is predicted later in the week so hopefully we'll get a good drop before next weekend. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

120:365 1st May morning

May already and the mornings are cooler with heavy dews. Not quite a frost yet. Looking at the back yard it's hard to believe it was just dirt in Summer. Green has a relaxing effect and is so nice to look at. Mowing is now needed fotnightly.

I'll try to take the same shot on the first of each month and tag them backyard.

I actually took this yesterday.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

119:365 The new scratching post

Timmy loves his new scratching post that Carey made. He also likes the sun on it and to soak up solar power.
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