Thursday, April 29, 2010

118:365 Tim Tams

Someone's done their homework and found out what people buy before they leave Australia.

We took our exchange student to the supermarket to buy up on Tim Tams before left. He took a kilogram of Tim Tams back to Germany. A week later Tim Tams are on sale for $1.99 at IGA. We paid over $3 for each 200 gm packet.
The airport had them available for $7.... For a 375 gm packet. They had many differnet size packets available at the airport shop.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

117:365 Old & New

Updates on technology have meant new phones in our house. The old phone in the kitchen had lots of interference from the wifi.
This old phone on the right was too big for the new bedroom side tables. The new system has a message recorder and other features and can have more handsets added.
I'm still working on updating the satellite for the internet which is very slow. Moving to 3G wireless.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

116:365 Autumn splendor

I have been looking around for the best Autumn pic to add to the blog and this tree won the prize today. Autumn has been warmer than usual and wetter so things have grown and the grass is green.
It is my favourite season as the burning summer heat has gone but there is still warmth. The nights are getting cooler, last nights low of 4 deg C was chilly.

The colors are stunning and it's a liquidambar.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

115:365 Roses

The roses are blooming again. I thought they should be starting to slow down. This is one of the peace roses that my friend Sue gave me after my mother passed away in 2000. It has a gorgeous smell and as I've taken the time to smell the roses today I thought a picture would be appropriate.
We have lost quite a few roses during the drought. Some of them were the roses I brought back from my mothers house.
While wriiting this post a flock of flinches have flown into the garden and are having a lovely chirpy time. Today is a beautiful warm autumn day.
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114:365 Mystery of the rock

Hanging rock has a mysterious feel and is so photographed. This is a view that has the approach to Mt Macedon behind it. Suddenly the Rock doesn't seem so high. When you climb the Rock to the top if seems very high.
There are many wineries around hanging rock and between there and Redesdale. You can take a picturesque drive over hills instead of the Calder Freeway if you have spare time.
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113:365 Friendship

Our German exchange student Julian has now gone back home. Simon and Julian have established a wonderful friendship that will endure the distance between Bendjgo and Marburg.
Luckily technology will rid the distance and daily chatting will be a common occurrence.
It's was great that Simon and Julian became such good friends. Simon will be counting down the days until he goes to Marburg in Gernany for his exchange.
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112:365 The Redesdale

The Redesdale pub always has cars out the front so we thought it would be a good place to take our German exchange student for his last meal in Australia. Tthick steaks were ordered.
Inside the pub there is a rustic bar and a surprisingly light and upmarket restaurant. We sat outside under the veranda.
Unfortunately the steak wasn't hot enough however it was delicous. It came with a potato salad and I would have preferred roasted potatoes. Fish and chips was also ordered but the quantity of fish was small although very tastey.
We were the first to order lunch and it was not busy however we had to wait 35 minutes for our meal.
I would go there again as the abience of the inside restaurant looks inviting.
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111:365 Locusts

The locust plague is causing great concern for farmers. This will be our problem also as there is predicted to be a huge crop loss in September when the eggs hatch. This will lead to food supply shortages.
Now we are annoyed by the locusts presence and spattering on our cars but the real effect will be felt in our wallets at the supermarket.
This Autumn has seen more insects than usual. Perhaps it's the moist conditions we have had as Autumn is usually very dry in Bendigo.
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110:365 Diamonds

I love finding great examples of shapes.
Sending children out with a camera always produces a slideshow full of shapes in our environment.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

109:365 Demolition

The old rural building will soon be demolished. It's been at Epsom for over 30 years and probably over 40 years. It's not the original school building as it was bought by the parents club and relocated on this site.
It's been the library , the music room and used as a classroom.

Inside there is a platform area to one side of the room that was always great for presentations by students. Around the walls were huge display boards. In the porch there was a kitchen with running water and a sink.

It seems a waste of resources to demolish the building but then we seem to live in a throw away society with no care. I'm sure someone somewhere could use the building.
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108:365. Stormy clouds

Great dark clouds rolled in but little rain fell at our place.
Maybe today we'll have rain.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

107:365 Jan Juc

Today we drove to Jan Juc which was a two and a half hour drive and is down past Geelong along the Victorian coast.. It was perfect weather with 27 deg C warm enough for Simon and Julian to swim in the surf. The water had an ice feel from Antarctica that comes across the Tasman Sea. Everyone except Simon and Julian had wetsuits on in the water.
It was very nice sitting on the beach for a couple of hours before we drove back to Bendigo.
I realized it's not really that far to the beach after all. We should go more often.
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106:365 Cats

Three very different cats with different purposes. One is a ring stand (long pointy tail) another has a clock and the smallest has 2 very strong magnets so it can hold a card. If I see interesting cats when I'm out shopping they usually get to come home with me.

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105:365 Lavendar

Lavendar is so hardy but does like some water. These plants are in a garden at school and have been looked after by the gardening club members. Well done gardeners!
I like the smell of lavendar and just rubbing the leaves gives a release of the scent. It has a calming effect
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104:365 The Second Hoop Tree

Can you see the hoop in this tree?
Once they are up we can't get them down. Hoops -children still enjoy playing with them and throwing them.
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103:365 The hoop Tree

You will have to zoom in on your iPod to see the hoop that's been stuck up high in this ash tree for many years. Unfortunately some of the ash trees had to be cut down for the new buildings. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

102:365 New buildings

The new buildings have finally arrived. We have been waiting since last September. The library has been packed up in a ship container. Classes have moved out of the old buildings and then moved back in and finally moved out again.
This week will see the final move for all classes. The new buildings have no water connections which will be interesting for the lower school. Bucketed water will be used for the regular table washing and art activities.
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101:365 Values

What does collegiality feel like, look like and sound like. This was the discussion along with more values respect, integrity and more at our recent staff team building session.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

100:365 The things we cling to

Recently I attend the ACEC2010 conference in Melbourne. As participants consulted their conference programs I was reminded of the man on the train struggling with the newspaper.

The interesting thing was that this was a high tech conf for educational computing and yet they still printed out all these large programs. Could it be because using computers have a detrimental effect on your eyes so they wanted something bigger? No because they had size 8 font written on colored background. With my glasses on I had trouble seeing the print.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

99:365 The View from the Rendezvous

Our room had a lovely view of the Eureka Tower. Also we could see the Yarra river and the Flinders St Station. I assume it was named after Mathew Flinders.

The Eureka Tower is now the tallest tower in Australia. The Rialto is looked down on from the viewing deck at the Eureka. You can go out in a glass cube. Not my cup of tea but I did enjoy the wonderful views of Melbourne.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

98:365 Red Buildings?

I do like red. I have many red things and wear red quite often. However I don't like red buildings like this one. Does it remind me of something? An oversized phone box.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

97:365 Tea cups

Loved the citrus tea at #acec conference today in the glass cups. Looked like berry tea but it was citrus.
Thanks to Larni for holding the cup for the picture. Larni came all the way from WA.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

96:365 The Aquarium

So the boys went to the aquarium today. I wonder how they liked it. Here's a night view.

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95:365 Rendezous

The rendezvous has a circular foyer that reminds me of the BRIT old library builing in Bendigo where they now hire out for functions.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

94:365 Chocolate eggs

We now have an over abundance of chocolate. Should we eat it all at once or ration it out over weeks?

May depend on the hunger but certainly means I'll have to up the running this month.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

93:365 Autumn light

It's interesting to see how the light does change with the seasons. The sun is moving lower in sky and the heat isn't so burning although you can still get quite burnt.

Autumn is my favorite time of year. Long lunches outside in the dappled sunlight with my family is what living us all about.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

92:365 Easter

What a busy night! Easter in the kitchen.

Easter eggs, Easter eggs,
Yellow pink and blue
Easter eggs, Easter eggs,
Some for me and you.

And hot cross buns. Yum!

I have now been making the Easter eggs for over 20 years. One year I bought them and the kids wondered what happened to the Easter bunny's chocolate.

Somehow I have got ahead with my daily pics.

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