Sunday, April 25, 2010

115:365 Roses

The roses are blooming again. I thought they should be starting to slow down. This is one of the peace roses that my friend Sue gave me after my mother passed away in 2000. It has a gorgeous smell and as I've taken the time to smell the roses today I thought a picture would be appropriate.
We have lost quite a few roses during the drought. Some of them were the roses I brought back from my mothers house.
While wriiting this post a flock of flinches have flown into the garden and are having a lovely chirpy time. Today is a beautiful warm autumn day.
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  1. I think autumn is best time of the year. The weather is so mild and consistent and the garden is still looking good. In a couple of months it will be "winter bare". I love the Peace rose too.

  2. Very pretty, home grown roses always have the most beautiful smell. xx