Monday, May 3, 2010

123:365 Ashby's Larder

Today I drove to Ballarat the google maps way down through Kyneton and across to Daylesford. It was a beautiful drive with lovely autumn colors, lush forests and green rolling hills. So much to photo but stopping was a problem.
On the way back I stopped to get coffee at Kyneton and found Ashby's Larder a coffee shop with all sorts of yummy foods. I bought a huge capucino and a yummy passionfruit yo-yo type biscuit. It was light and the shortbread was delicious with the passionfruit creme filling.

There was a beautiful florist next door where I bought a pot of living minature daffodils. Will post a pic in the coming days.

I was presenting to a group of ICT leaders on using the ipods for learning.

So it was one of those perfect days.
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  1. That is so fun!! We should meet there for coffee one day, it is only a short drive for each of us :) The passionfruit sounds yummy. xx

  2. That sounds a great idea. Yes a short drive for both of us. I wonder when? Hmmmm.