Tuesday, February 23, 2010

54. Rubbish!

When I went running I was disgusted to find someone had dumped their rubbish on the road into the Sweenies Creek Pottery, that is along a road where I run in the bush. How can people go to so much trouble to do this when there is the tip just down the road that they drive past? I am amazed and saddened by the ignorance some people still show. At school we do so much work about the environment. Even in the media the environment is on the radar often.

Why don't people care? Soon we have Keep Australia Beautiful. Advertsing has begun with the slogan, "Everyone can make a difference." If we each pick up one piece of rubbish 23 million pieces would be picked up.

I'll be going along the front up to Sweenies Creek Pottery and back. I have seen the rubbish everywhere along the road and hate to see it daily. I'll be loading up wheelbarrows and will post a picture of this year's collection.

Do people drop litter near your house?

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