Tuesday, February 9, 2010

39. Sun sails

Heat in the summer can be quite draining so it's little things like these sun sails that make you decide to shop here rather than somehwere else where your car will get too hot. Today has been 38deg Celcius and the humidity has been higher than we have had in many years. Bendigo usually has dry hot summers not humid steamy days. 30% humidity doesn't sound much but we are used to below 10 % humidity.

The storm clouds are rolling in and we have been warned about hail storms and flooding rains. I can hear thunder as I post this entry. The garden certainly needs a water. Even though it's so dry that most water runs off.

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  1. I am hating the humidity too, we are having 50%+ and it is draining. That probably doesn't sound like much either but I think we are averaging 60-70%, right now is 73. Cool change on the weekend? Hopefully we will have some refreshing southerly winds.

    I like the new voting buttons, I have always thought you needed a 'like' button like facebook.