Monday, February 15, 2010

45. Odd or even?

Odd but all used for the same purpose. To sit at a dinner table. The chair on the left belongs to the kitchen table which doesnt get used much at all any more. The bar stool in the middle is used daily as people sit at the bench for breakfast, some lunches and a dinner or two. The third chair is father bear's chair and sits at the head of the long extension table in the dining room. This is the table we sit at when everyone is home or when we have a large gathering for dinner or lunch. It has seen many celebrations including birthdays, Christmas dinners and other gatherings.
The bar stool belongs to a group of six and originally lived at my friend Yvonne's house. We have had them for 10 years and they need some rattan cane work on some of the seats. I wonder where there is a rattan cane place? The bar stools are very confortable.

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