Sunday, February 21, 2010

53. Goodbye Pool

Today the pool was dismantled and taken away to have a new home. It has been empty for two years and didn't look very good. Getting water for the pool (30,000 lts) is quite difficult in drought conditions with water restrictions.

Also as the boys are now 6 feet or more tall it was too shallow for them. The temperature of the water was quite cold also. It would sit around 19 deg C and perhaps raise to 22 C if constant hot weather and nights persisted.

So what next? A bit of relandscaping? Another pool? Perhaps a swim spa????? We have missed the pool while it's been empty. I loved to put my feet in but hated climbing up the ladder. The pool was a big part of our summer. Air conditioners are fine but just not the same as a swim.

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