Wednesday, February 10, 2010

41. Rural school house

The old rural school buiding (bottom picture)) will be demolished soon along with some other portables to make way for a new 4 classroom modular concept.

The old rural building was bought by the school council at one stage in the 60's or 70's and brought onto the Epsom site. It has been the library, the music room and various classrooms in the past. In the front is a small porch area that has a kitchen with a sink. Also inside the rural building is a stage raised floor area and massive display areas on the walls. A small class can fit inside but anything over 22 is cramped and especially if they are grade 5 or 6 children.

Many years ago I taught a class in the rural building and found it to be a lovely room. It has plenty of spaces to put books around the walls on flat shelves. The stage was very useful for class presentations by myself and students. It now has an airconditioner which is quite effective.

Two portable classroom will also be taken away. These came in the late 70's and came from a technical school. They were set up as wood work rooms. So at least they had plenty of power points. These portables are like chicken coups. And only recently had their chicken wire borded in along the top of the windows. The temperature in these portables fluctuates with the outside temperature.

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