Tuesday, February 16, 2010

47. Reading with children

Tonight at the parent info session I was reminded of all the years I used to sit and hear my children read. And all the times we would sit and read stories together. It is such a wonderful time to spend with your children and a time to treasure. Carey loved Fire Engine Lil and could tell the story off by heart before he started school. Dale loved Pokey the Puppy, Simon loved Thomas the Tank engine books and Katherine loved The Tales of Peter Rabbit. That naughty Peter rabbit going into Farmer McGregor's garden and losing a button off his shirt.

To sit and share stories together is one of the greatest pleasures of being a parent. I assume it's also a favorite of grandparents. I remember my mum (Grandma)reading stories to my four children also and having an enjoyable time.

I also thought of the times we would read their readers together at bedtime and I would lay on their bed next to them while they read. The next thing we would be asleep and I'd wake up to find it's late and I still had chores to do.

We had many friends join us for story times and this is a picture of one, Blind Freddy. Simon's Teddy who lost his eyes at an early age and was then named Blind Freddy. Luckily Grandma came for a visit and sewed on some new eyes for Blind Freddy but his name never changed. However Blind Freddy did enjoy story time more with his new eyes.

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  1. Blind Freddy got a face lift with those new eyes, Grandma sewed them much higher than before!