Wednesday, January 6, 2010

6. Bollards at Geelong

Bollards at Geelong
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Today we visited Nicole and Carey (my son) in Geelong. After a lovely BBQ lunch I went for a run with Carey along the streets down to the foreshore and along past the bollards to the beach house. The bollards are wooden statues of various types. These are the lifesavers that we have on many Australians beaches who are mostly volunteers.

Volunteers do a lot in our society and are sometimes forgotten. I liked it when we had the year for volunteers as it brought volunteers out into the public arena. I think many of our volunteers are the true heroes of our world. Volunteers though, are modest and don't like to be made a fuss about as they say they get a reward from the sense of good will they receive from volunteering.

Have you ever done any volunteer work? It is amazing the good feeling you get. A feeling you can't buy but must be loaded with good endorphins.

Oh, back to the run. We ran 5.6kms and after stopping for traffic and crossing roads we made it back in 36:48secs. A bit slow but we had stops and fiddling with the iPod. There was a beautiful ocean sea breeze. Another beach I have ran along. NSW south coast my next target.

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