Wednesday, January 27, 2010

27. A Bird's eye view

Ants are an important part of the bush even though we don't like them. They are the garbo's of the bush. There are many ants nests that spread around a slight mound and can be 2 to 3 litres around.

We still laugh about the time the Stewart's came to visit and Heather and Alice stood on an ants nest. City people do the darnedest things when they come to the country. We couldn't understand why they would stand on an ants nest. We tend to go around and not get them angry.

A whole kangaroo carcass can be devoured in days by ants. They circle our bins and send scouts into the house at times looking for food.

The ants were quite busy today but they weren't building towers around their nest holes. Bullants!


  1. We see lots of these when we go GEO Caching. Fletch loves to stir them up with a big stick. He thinks it will give them work to build a whole new house for their extended family!

  2. Look out, they may charge and swarm all over you.