Saturday, January 23, 2010

23. Ghost gums

The ghost gums spread their branches up to the sky. There was a vivid blue sky today after yesterday's hot and windy weather. The ghost gum is actually a lemon scented gum. The leaves have a lemon smell when scrunched. We planted the tree about 20 years ago and like other gums it has grown well.

It's shedding it's bark at the moment as it does this time of the year. The garden appears to be littered with papers but it just large sheets of bark.

At other times of the year the tree has white blossom and is full of bees. When you stand under it you can smell honey.
In November the tree becomes inhabited by green parrots. They twitter and chirp from the early hours which drove Katherine mad when she was studying.

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  1. Gum trees are my favourite. I used to miss them living in the US. California have a lot of them...felt a little like home when we visited Cali. :) Great shot!

  2. I hate that tree!!! Much too close to the house