Tuesday, January 19, 2010

19. Pancakes

Simon came home from Torquay and mentioned some yummy pancakes he had while he was away. Next thing I know he's made some for his breakfast. Maple syrup, strawberries and pancakes. I think he mastered pancakes. I also think he must be growing again as he is eating a lot these days.

Tomorrow we'll be picking up his school books and dropping off his old uniform for the school to send to an overseas school where uniform is needed. The whole school has changed uniform as they amalgamated with another school and have a new uniform. It has been fazed in over two years.. This year is the year you can't wear the old uniform. Simon has one year left before he heads to Bendigo Senior Secondary College so we have a full new uniform for one year.

Bendigo Senior is a year 11 & 12 campus. All the high schools in Bendigo only go from year 7 to 10. It works out very well and gives them a more grown up atmosphere for years 11 & 12.

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  1. Hey Simon, I didn't know you were such a chef! You will have to make some for us next time we come home! Love Nic