Friday, January 15, 2010


Had to add Timmy to the gallery. Timmy is hot and sleeps all day in the heat. (and he sleeps all day in the cold, actually he sleeps 20 out 24 hrs a day. ) He stretches his paws out when he's hot. If Timmy is cold, he folds his paws up and will curl up into a ball. Timmy will walk along the back of my couch and rub his head on mine and meow hello.

Timmy is not allowed outside but he escapes sometimes. Our last cat was killed by a snake and cats seem to like hunting so he lives inside. We love the birds in our garden but we also like to have a cat. Cats are well known for their destressing abilities with humans. In fact studies have shown that people who have cats can live longer. But then studies have shown eating chocolate can be healthy for you.