Monday, January 18, 2010

18. Boxing cats

So it's not boxing kangaroos this time it's boxing cats. Timmy had a visitor, Milo, Carey and Nic's kitten. Milo chased Timmy around and wanted to play. Timmy had had enough and layed around while Milo would box him. Then they would roll around on the floor together. Timmy made the most noise with lots of meows. Of course Milo still has to learn some table manners and Timmy was quite disgusted to see Milo on the table and the bench at one stage. "Young cats these days have no manners," thought Timmy.


  1. Timmy was looking at Milo saying "You are the naughtiest cat I have ever seen!!" when he was up on the bench eating the prawns!

  2. I remember when timmy got up on the table eating food, did not end up well for him haha.