Tuesday, March 9, 2010

68:365 Hot Cross Buns

Well we decided it's now okay to begin eating hot cross buns. Boxing day is a bit early but as Easter is early this year we think 4 weeks out isn't too far away.

So Bill (my husband) has made his first batch for 2010. 18 buns and they didn't last 24hrs. So now we have a second batch in the oven.

They'll be so yummy for supper tonight. Not that we usually have supper but now we will.

I gave Bill a bread maker 12 or so years ago and he makes the buns every year. They have so much more flavour than the bought buns.

Bill also makes lovely crusty loaves of bread to have with pumpkin or potato and bacon soup. The bread makes soup into a meal.

As we have had an early break in the weather we are feeling like comfort foods rather than keep cool foods.

Looks like I'd better run tomorrow.

Batch 2 now ready for supper!

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