Thursday, March 4, 2010

62. Reflections

I have spent a lot of today discussing mentoring and reflecting on teaching. So I decided to take a picture of the reflection of my kitchen.

Teachers are always reflecting on their teaching and changing their teaching to enable students to learn easier.

I don't remember being taught how to reflect though, it just seems to be something you do all the time to improve student learning.

As mentors we now work with graduate teachers and guide them to be self reflective.

Although we are teachers we are also learners. Developing the craft of teaching requires years of practise and constant change to gain improvements.

You have an inbuilt passion to want to be better. This sometimes means you have to take risks and try different ways to teach.

Research has shown that learners learn with greater success if they are reflective. So now we are helping our students to reflect on their learning also.

How and when do you reflect?

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