Saturday, March 6, 2010

63. Rain

Flashflooding occurred in Bendigo with 55mm of rain in a couple of hours. The drains couldn't cope with all the water. Roads were covered in water and many places where people had laughed at the flood warnings signs were flooded and best not to drive through.

I haven't seen this much water around for almost 20 years. We have been in a drought for at least 15 years so this was very unusual for many people to see.

At school the children were playing in puddles and getting wet of course. We had to growl as they didn't have changes of clothing. However I felt sorry for the kids as they have never had puddles in their lives. Gumboots which were mandatory in the eigthies for Winter have been unheard of for this millenium.

Unfortunately we didn't get that much rain at my house but we did get 25 mm which was quite good. So I hope to see if I can dig a shovel in the garden tomorrow.

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  1. Some of the pics were amazing, like the creek next to Rosalind Park. I couldn't believe it when they said the highest rainfall was at Bendigo, I thought it must be a typo, haha.