Saturday, August 21, 2010

226:365 Ashby's Larder visit no.2

Kyneton in August is very cold, infact freezing. It's seems to be in a black hole with no. Networks available or wifi. So at least I can type this up and save it as a draft for later. can I transfer photos via blue tooth? Here's another time where I want to transfer photos to my iPad but have no wifi. I'll have to look into it again.
Both advices are on discoverable but don't see each other. Hmm they must need paring.

So the lemon tart wasn't available so I decided to have an early lunch of turkey and cranberry foccacias..

Kyneton have a daffodil festival each year and the streets have daffodils in each tree planter. Very pretty. Last time I was here in May I bought some mini daffodils from the florist next door.

Today is the federal election so I have to go and vote. While I'm here I'm reading the Age guide to voting. Education is my main interest so I'll check out what each party is going to do. Then decide.

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