Sunday, February 20, 2011

51:365 My new pencil case

Today I bought a new pencil case. Except it's not for my pencils as I don't use any. However as a child I treasured my Derwent pencils and spent pocket money buying one pencil a week to build up a set of 72.
I still think Derwents are the best pencils and the water color ones are also great. Draw then add water with a brush.
I now use pencil cases for all my cables, headphones and power cords. The brighter the better so I don't leave it anywhere.

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  1. Great idea, I must buy a couple.

  2. I agree, what a good idea. I don't know if we have Derwent in NZ, I will check that out.

  3. And it wouldn't get lost on plane as easily either like the little black one that didn't make it back from New Zealand.