Friday, January 7, 2011

7:365 First pic from London

I caught the tube from Heathrow to Finsbury Park. Darkness all the way, no chance to site see. Also at 7am it's very dark.

So as I emerged from the tube I was gob smacked by all the double decker buses and the crowds that poured out onto the path and streamed into the underground. And yes it's cold, grey and wet.

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  1. Hi Jenny, ah Finsbury Park... Nicola and I lived in a tiny flat above a dress shop, just round the corner from the station, on Fonthill rd for two years. We loved the area. I worked in some pretty full on schools in the north east of London. Wonder if things have changed.

  2. Welcome to London! I'm here for the fifth time, it it's usually grey, wet, and crowded--enjoy!

    See you soon!